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Shell Script User Login with Password

We can create a bash script to authenticate users with login and password. Here we will demonstrate this using the read command to accept the user input and the if-else command to authenticate.

# !/bin/bash
#Type your login details
read -p 'Username: ' user
read -sp 'Password: ' pass

if (( $user == "admin" && $pass == "admin123" ))
	echo -e "\nWelcome! You are Sucessfull login\n"
	echo -e "\nUnsuccessful login\n"

Here is the sample of the output of the above script.

shell script user login with password

More ways to use the user login with password

  • You can create more than 1 user and check for their login

  • You can display the user name in the welcome message "Welcome " + username

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