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Shell Script to Ask User Favourite Games

In Linux bash shell script we can create a script to ask the user to input multiple entries and we can display a customized response after the user input. This will be achieved with a reading command to accept the entries and an echo command to display the entries with customizing options.

# !/bin/bash

# Favourite  Games

#Taking multiple inputs
echo "Type your Favourite Games"
read game1
read game2 
read game3 
read game4 
read game5 
read game6

echo "$game1 is your first choice"
echo "$game2 is your second choice"
echo "$game3 is your third choice"
echo "$game4 is your fourth choice"
echo "$game5 is your fifth choice"
echo "$game6 is your sixth choice"

Here is the sample output of the above script

shell script to ask user favourite games

More ways to the user multiple entries

  • You may use it where the user has more than one answers

  • You can ask the user to enter more than one input and evaluate their inputs with if-else and respond accordingly.

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