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Schedule RMAN Backup on Windows

Scheduling RMAN backups on a windows machine is little different than Linux machine. Windows uses bash shell and windows scheduler to automate RMAN backups.

Create RMAN Backup Script File

We will create a backup.cmd file with our RMAN run block for database backup

crosscheck backup;
backup database plus archivelog;

Create Bash Shell

Create a proddb_rman_backup.bat (.bat is a windows bash shell) file which will call above file

set oracle_sid=proddb
rman target sys/sys@ecccatalog rman_rc/rman_rc@rcat cmdfile='F:\backup.cmd' log='F:\rman_backup_full\backup.log'

Add Schedule to Windows Scheduler

Schedule the above .bat script in windows scheduler

  • Launch the Task Scheduler from start menu

  • On the right-hand panel, click on Create Task

schedule to windows scheduler - create task

Give a name to your task

schedule rman backup on windows - name to your task

Click on Triggers tab >> New and define the schedule

schedule rman backup on windows - define the schedule

Make sure you set proper frequency like daily or weekly and set proper start date and time. Click on Actions tab >> New and provide the location of .bat file you created

schedule rman backup on windows - program/script

Click on OK and task will be created. You can even run the task for testing by right clicking on the task name and select Run

schedule rman backup on windows - task will be created

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