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Downloading Oracle 12c Using Linux wget

When you are working on a Linux server, you do not need to use tools like WINSCP or other file sharing software. You can simply use wget command in linux to download the oracle software.

Open internet explorer

Yes, you heard it right! This method does not work for google chrome or other browsers.

It does work for Mozilla Firefox though !

Goto and login to the website. Navigate to database download page. Accept the terms of agreement and start the download.

As your download starts, open the download window (inside internet explorer), pause the download, right click and copy link address

download-oracle 12c-on-linux-wget

Linux wget command

Install Linux wget command using root user

yum -y install wget

To begin the download, issue wget command in below format

wget <paste the link you copied above>


The download should begin now!

Post the download is done, if you issue ls -lrt command, you will see the zip file along with some other characters at the end of the file.

You can use mv command to rename the file as below

# mv

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