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DBCA Does Not Display ASM Disk Groups In 12cR2

I was installing Oracle 12c R2 with ASM but somehow the DBCA did not list ASM diskgroups. After struggling for hours, I could find a solution, not sure if it is approved by Oracle but it works !!


I’ve installed Grid infrastructure with user grid, and I was trying to install oracle database 12cr2 with oracle user but during this installation, I wasn’t able to see any of my ASM disk in the select disk group.


Log in as root user

cd /dev/oracleasm/
ls -lrt                 --> check permission on oracleasm directory
chown -R grid:oinstall oracleasm

cd /dev/oracleasm/disks

Login as grid user


ls -ld                   --> check permission on oracle directory

chmod 6571 oracle
ls -ld oracle

Login as oracle user

ls -ld oracle            --> check the permissions

However, oracle directory permission in both grid user and oracle user must have the same permission. Therefore, issue the following command

chmod 6571 oracle

Go back to select disk group and refresh!

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