Startup & Shutdown RAC Instances


Connect to individual node DBs via SQLPLUS and use normal startup/shutdown commands

Start & Stop RAC Databases

srvctl status database -d RAC
srvctl stop database -d RAC -o immediate
srvctl start database -d RAC -o nomount | mount | open
srvctl config database -d RAC
srvctl status service -d RAC
srvctl status asm -n oraracn1 -a
srvctl status asm -a
srvctl stop asm -n oraracn1 -f
srvctl start asm -n oraracn1
srvctl status nodeapps -n oraracn1
srvctl config nodeapps -n oraracn1

To start and stop instances

srvctl start instance -d RAC -i instancename
srvctl stop instance -d RAC -i instancename
srvctl status scan
srvctl config scan
srvctl status scan_listener
srvctl config scan_listener

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