Oracle Golden Gate DDL Replication

Take any one of our previous replication examples and add below in the extract parameter file


Note: Do not use DDL INCLUDE ALL until it is really required.

Now on the source side, try to add a new column to the table and check if the same has been added on target or now.

ALTER TABLE table_name ADD col_namecol_definition;

Setup DDL Replication

Create tables on source proddb

Create table on target with same structure as source

On source, add supplemental logging for the table

Add the extract

Register the extract and edit parameters

Add data pump process

Start the extract and pump process

Let us add replicat on target

Below are the parameters used for rep12

Start replicat process on target

Let us add a column on the source table

Check the extract stats

Check the pump stats

Check the replicat stats

Now check the target table if the new column is added or not

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