OEL 7.6 Installation on VirtualBox

In this Article we are going to learn how to install Oracle enterprise Linux 7.6 version on virtualbox.

Download OEL 7.6

Goto edelivery.oracle.com and sign in. In case you do not have an account, you can create one

Enter your user Id and password

This is where you will be able to search all the Oracle Softwares that we need to download

Just type Oracle Linux and then it will give us a list of options. Click on Oracle Linux and then you can see we have various versions of Oracle Linux

Select Oracle Linux 7.6 (oracle Linux) and click on the checkout button

Select x86 64 bit version from the drop down and click on continue

Accept the licence agreement and click on continue

Now this is where we need to be careful, we need not download all the softwares, only one of the files that includes the ISO file of OS 7.6

If you see Oracle Linux release 7 update 6 for x86 64 bit (4.3 GB size). That is the file we need to download.

Don’t download the DVD 1 or DVD 2 or boot image these all files are not required for you. These files are required for the OS developers to develop new utilities for the operating system.

To download this file, just click on the blue link

The download should start automatically

After downloading the file, rename the file as OEL 7.6.

Create virtual machine

Let us create or install the Oracle enterprise Linux 7.6.

  • Create a new virtual machine
  • Change the memory size to (4 GB RAM) and click Next
  • Select Create a virtual hard disk and click on Create
  • Click Next
  • Click Next
  • Change file location size as 100 GB and click on Create

Your OEL machine is created

Install OEL 7.6

We need to add ISO file to DVD drive of the virtual machine:

  • Goto Setting
  • Goto System and disable the Floppy Disk
  • Goto Storage
  • Click on Empty
  • Click on Small disk icon
  • Choose Virtual Optical disk file and locate your OEL 7.6 downloaded ISO file
  • Click on Ok
  • Start the Virtual Machine
  • Click in inside the VM and Hit Enter
  • To come out the VM press Right Ctrl key
  • Press [Esc] to abort check
  • Now we can see Installer is starting
  • Select the Language and Click on Continue
  • Click on Software Selection
  • Select Server With GUI and select Compatibility libraries
  • Development Tools
  • System Administration Tools
  • Click on Done
  • Select Installation Destination

Now we need to create our own partitions inside the oracle linux

  • Select I will configure partitioning
  • Click on Done

Once you click on Done, it will display manual partition window

  • Select standard partition
  • Click on + icon
  • Mount Point: /boot
  • Desired Capacity: 512
  • Click on Add Mount

Once you click on Add mount point, you will get the below screen:

  • Click on + symbol
  • Give Mount point: swap and Desired Capacity: 10 Gib
  • Click on Add mount point
  • Click on + symbol
  • Give Mount point: / and Desired Capacity: Leave blank
  • Click on Add mount point

Once you click on Add mount point, you will get the below screen:

Partitions will be created. We can see in the below

  • Click on Network and Host Name
  • Give host name: myoel.dbagenesis.com
  • Click on Apply
  • Click on Done
  • Click on Begin Installation

Once you click on begin Installation, it will start the installation process.

  • Click on Root Password for root setup
  • Set up password in both Root Password and Confirm box
  • Click on Done

Note: If your password is weak, then click two times on Done.

We can see Root Password is set and Installation process is running. Once the installation is done, you can click on Reboot.

  • Once reboot is done, click on License Information
  • Select I accept the license agreement
  • Click on Done

We can see License is accepted. Click on Finish Configuration

Wait till the page loads

  • Select Language
  • Click on Next
  • Click on Next
  • Disable (OFF) Location Services
  • Click on Next
  • Choose Your Time Zone and click Next
  • You can Skip setting Accounts

Now you need to create a user

  • Give User Name and click Next
  • Give a password
  • Confirm password
  • Click on Next
  • Click on Start Using Oracle Linux Server

Close getting Started dialog box.

Done! OEL 7.6 installation completed!

Network setting

Open Command Prompt on your windows machine and type ipconfig

Here we can see our system is connected using Ethernet Adapter. We have an IPv4 Address –, Subnet Mask – and Default Gateway-

If you are using wireless network, then you will find these details at Wireless LAN adapter Local Area Connection.

Copy these details in NotePad

Do not copy ip address details from the above screenshot or example. You must copy from your own system. Else, network will not work.

The above details are our Windows system details. The Subnet Mask and Default Gateway will always remain the same. The only difference that you need to make is in the IP address.

For our Windows system the IPv4 Address is 192.168. 2.53. Every IP address has four parts i.e  P1: 192 , P2: 168, P3: 2, P4: 53. All the parts are separated by Dot(.). Copy that address and assign the primary IP but make sure that you are only changing the last part of the IP address i.e 53.

Now you have to delete the last part of the IP address i.e 53 and try to assign a new number (the number should be between 0 to 255).

Here we changed IP address 53 (the last part of the IP address) as 111 for OEL 7.6 and 112 for my CentOS virtual machine. (You can ignore CentOS IP for now as we are focused on OEL 7.6)

Now before I can add the IP Address inside the virtual machine, you need to make a change by clicking on settings.

  • Click on OEL 7.6 VM Settings
  • Goto Network
  • Change Adapter attached to as Bridged Adapter
  • Click on OK

Once this is Done get inside the OEL 7.6 virtual machine and then

  • Goto Application
  • Goto System Tools
  • Click on Setting
  • Goto Network

Inside network we have to set the network.

  • Click on setting icon
  • Choose the Connect automatically option
  • Select IPv4

Now By default you machine is dynamically able to pick up any IP address.

  • Choose Manual option
  • Give Address as we have OEL 7.6 IP address i.e
  • Give Netmask address as we have in the subnet mask address i.e
  • Give Gateway address as we have in the Default Gateway address i.e

In DNS always gives the address of the Gateway.

  • Give DNS address as we have at the Gateway address i.e
  • Click on Apply

Once you click on apply you will get below dialog box:

Now we have to connect via putty to this machine.

  • Goto Putty
  • Give IP address as we have given in the primary ID i.e
  • Click on Open
  • Click on Yes from putty Security Alert Box
  • Now we are on our OEL 7.6 serve

Note: If you have different virtual machines, make sure you are not assigning same IP addresses to different virtual machines. Each virtual machine is like an independent system or a computer inside your network. You need to make sure each  virtual machine is having its own dedicated IP address.


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