Deinstall oracle software

This article describes how to remove oracle software from a Linux server. There are different methods with which you can remove the Oracle software.

Before deinstalling oracle software, make sure you have deleted the oracle databases (and other services) running from the ORACLE_HOME

Below are the different methods in which you can remove Oracle software from Linux server:

  • Using deinstallation tool with runInstaller
  • Using deinstallation tool under ORACLE_HOME
  • Manual Oracle uninstall

Method 1

Remember when you install oracle software, you use runInstaller from the installation media. The same runInstaller can be used to uninstall oracle software and all associated files.

Go to runInstaller location and issue below command

./runInstaller -deinstall -home /u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/

Method 2

Under your ORACLE_HOME, we get a deinstall utility that you can use to remove the oracle software from your Linux server.


Method 3

Sometimes ORACLE software installation gets corrupted and in such case, above deinstallation utilities will not help you to remove oracle software. Use below method to remove the oracle home using Linux commands.

Stop all the oracle databases / processes running from the ORACLE_HOME.


rm -Rf *


rm -Rf *

Remove oratab file

rm /etc/oratab


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